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About the Samajam

Bombay Malayalee Samajam was started in 15 August 1970 by a group of few Keralites at a very small level. Samajam started with small contribution from local its members and provided help and welfare to the Malayalee people (Medical, Educational and help to old age persons). The membership fees for the samajam started with 1 rs fees per month.

As the number of people started increasing, the meetings were conducted at Sheetal Park Garden due to increased number of members. BMS is a no caste, non political organization. The main objective was to co-ordinate the welfare for the members of Mira bhyander.

In 1976 The Samajam was registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act.

The First group meeting was held at Sheetal Park Garden.

The First President was K. K. Velaidham

The First Secretary was Shri Murali Vallathavan

First Treasuary was P. P. Kuniraman

Samajam conducts Annual Ayyappa pooja, Chirstmas Carol and Cultural Programs every year starting from 1982. The samajam has provided lots of benifits for its members and Mira Bhyander with the help of BMS School


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